Pink Camouflage Fingerless Gloves


Pink camouflage fingerless gloves!  Perfect for hiding in the jungle, or playing the piano!

Hand knitted.  See size chart for fitting.

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Pink camouflage gloves – 100% polyester.  Hand knitted by Cheryl (not in a sweatshop, unless my living room is a one-woman sweatshop!)

Washing instructions –

  • Soak gloves in warm water with a light detergent.
  • Swirl them in warm water.
  • Rinse with cold clean water.
  • Fold them and press them against the basin side to squeeze out extra water.
  • Dry flat in a warm and sunny place.


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Additional information

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 16.2 cm

Size Chart

The gloves are all modeled in the photos on my hands.  The gloves are stretchy, so they may fit hands smaller and larger than mine.  If you have gigantic hands, they may not fit you.
  • My hands measure 8.6cm across the palm.
  • Height of the palm only 10.5cm.
  • Height of the palm and middle finger 17.5cm.
hand size